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The Screenplay Directory

The Screenplay Directory features screenplays written by Erik A. Venema.  He was recently discussed in the special Oscar Preview issue of Weekly Variety.  If you would like to read the article you may find it here.

Having been represented by two WGA agents, Erik has found that he obtains much more exposure and personal contact by submitting his work to producers personally, which they are very open to. He regularly submits to producers such as Lighstorm Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Silver Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Rysher Entertainment, and Trilogy Entertainment to name only a few. His work has reached the semi-finals of the Nicholl fellowships, and he has been published in Starlog magazine.

Interested in action/adventure? Comedy? Or maybe high-brow physics concepts that involve fourth-dimensional doors and the worlds they open to? The screenplays in this directory are heavily researched, and bear a Tom Clancy-edge.

Erik has a BS in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology. He is a fifteen-year veteran police officer, and is heavily experienced in criminal investigation. He is also a licensed helicopter pilot, and certified Rescue Scuba Diver.

Special thanks to Stephen Coonts for not only giving me permission to adapt his best-selling novel Final Flight, but also for mentioning my work on his website.

Click here to go to the directory. There's some good stuff there, including a best-seller adaptation that will be a blockbuster. Please feel free to put a link to these pages in your bookmarks or on your home page or hot list.

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Questions I am most asked...

Q:  Where can I find books on writing screenplays? -or- What are the best books to get?
A: Get the books by Linda Seger.  She's a prominent authority in the industry, and she's also a nice person.  You can't go wrong.

Q:  How can I market my script from Podunk, Iowa without an agent?
A:  Run, don't walk, and order the latest Hollywood Creative Directory.  You will find a wealth of information in those books - the producers, what they've made, the names of their staff, addresses and telephone numbers, what studios they have deals with etc.   Although a little pricey (this link is a discounted price), they are worth their weight in gold.


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