From the burning hangar deck of an aircraft carrier, to a spectacular aerial chase...

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Adapted from the best-seller with the author's permission

The most daring -- and deadly -- terrorist plot of all time is about to unfold aboard the supercarrier USS United States. If it succeeds, the balance of nuclear power will tilt in favor of a remorseless Arab leader. And it looks as if no one can stop it - except navy "jet jock" Jake Grafton. "Cag " Grafton is one helluva pilot. His F-14 Tomcat is one helluva plane. But some of Jake's crewmates have already vanished. A woman reporter who boarded the ship in Tangiers may not be who she claims to be. And Jake may have to disobey a direct order from the President himself for one spine-tingling, hair-raising Final Flight.

This is an ensemble script written for the likes of Bruce Willis, Corbin Bernsen, G.D. Spradlin, James Gammon (a classic role), Bridget Fonda, Fred Dalton Thompson, Dana Delaney, James Tolkan, R. Lee Ermey and Anthony Quinn.

Also read the exciting Final Flight paperback.  It's extremely visual, when you read it you will think "This is a blockbuster waiting to be made..."

Want more of Stephen Coonts?  Take a look at his website.

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