Welcome to Bedford Falls

This is a small community where people can get in touch with old friends. 

Here you will find a place where you can hang your hat, sit back in a chair on a warm summer day, and smell the fresh cut grass as you look out the window to see back in time.  You might even see some people that you know passing by who might pull up a chair.

Have an idea that you think might add to our small town?  Or maybe you just want to let us know what you are thinking.  Feel free to drop us a note.

--The Bedford Falls People

Since we are talking about other places that you might like to visit, take a look at the Screenplay Directory.  You will find new worlds and stories there that are written by a Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist.

Looking for old friends from Spotswood High School?  Click here.  Maybe we'll even add people from South River High School as well.  What do you think?




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